Ragamuffin Signature Tea 



Photo of tea tableRagamuffin Tea is a refreshing and satisfying blend of Earl Grey and other subtle flavors that evolve into a pure cup of ambrosial liquid.  When brewed with the right temperature of water and steeped to perfection, garnished with an orange slice, this specialty tea will comfort as you slow down for this moment of taking tea. It is delicious hot or iced and may be taken with or without sugar.  Enjoy a cup of this loose leaf tea blended and packaged by Harney & Sons Fine Teas.





Photo of CynthiaEven though I grew up in a family that enjoyed sweet iced tea, I never actually cared for the beverage. It seemed hypocritical for me to encourage others to “take time for tea” while I put Sprite in my teacup. So, after some encouragement from Dorothea Johnson of the Protocol School of Washington, I agreed to contact John Harney of Harney & Sons Fine Teas.  With his guidance and after much brewing, sampling, blending and blending some more…..the Ragamuffin Signature Tea was born.  Starting with a base of Earl Grey tea, I added other flavors to get the exact preference that delighted my taste buds. It was delicious! I call it the tea for non-tea drinkers.  If you usually do not like tea, try Ragamuffin – either hot or iced – you’re sure to be delighted.                --Cynthia Fore

                                     A tea lover's testimonial:

How I discovered you tea is a rather embarrassing tale. Every year the church I attend holds what we call a Holiday Fair. A Christmas craft fair/bake sale where we serve a luncheon that people all over town come to eat. Another big attraction is the "poke-about-shop". This is a collection of used, no longer wanted items from the congregation that we sell with the proceeds going to Presbyterian Women mission work. It is not a rummage sale.  It is better items- antiques, jewelry, dishes, glassware - you get the picture. Amongst these items was a sealed can of your wonderful tea. Why it was there among the brick-a-brack I don't know. I did not get up see what was for sale until half-off day on Sunday (too busy working else where on Thursday). I picked up the can and could not believe my luck. I love specialty teas.

I paid 50-cents. That's the embarrassing part. Once I had a taste-----Well I couldn't believe my luck.

That's my tale. You probably spend plenty on advertising and I found it by dumb luck.  I feel sorry for the person who purchased or was gifted this tea. They didn't taste it. But if they had I would not have had the pleasure of drinking this wonderful tea. Now that I'm getting lots, I won't have to ration anymore.

 Thanks again,  Margaret M.